Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Grade 7 Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Grade 7 award winners!

There were many deserving winners and we hope you keep up the great work for next year...the money and accolades get even bigger and better next year!

Here's the award winners:

Most Improved:
7-1 Clayton
7-2 Stephen
7-3 Shawnee
ML3 Eric

7-1 Yegwenyes
7-2 Holden
7-3 Honosawi

7-1 Megan
7-2 Holden
7-3 Hilary
ML3 Dakota

7-1 Megan
7-2 Jake
7-3 Ranndi
ML3 Eric

Mohawk Language: Megan

Native Studies/Cayuga Language: Honosawi

Science: Steven J.

Design & Technology: Steven J.

History: Holden

Geography: Megan

The Arts: Chelsey

Computer & Typing: Trista

Co-operative Education: Holden

Health & Physical Education: Megan

Club 90: Megan 90.4 %

Club 80:
Erica 84.7 %
Honosawi 84.2 %
Yegwenyes 84.1%
Ranndi 83.0 %
Hilary 82.7 %
Holden 81.9 %
Shawnee 80.9 %
Bailey 80.5 %
Steven J. 80.1 %

and the only attendance award goes to the ever so punctual, always on time, always ready, willing and able to work hard, be dependable and always reliable...


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fastest Month of the Year

There has been so much going on this past month...hopefully some photos will make their way on to this blog from the We Will Rock You trip, the Peer Helper workshop and Bar B-Q, the Grad luncheon, the Grad ceremony, the Wonderland trip, and so on. i know the staff has been extremely busy with these events, not to mention report cards, year end paperwork, and Mr. Hickey's awesome power point presentation at grad.

Once things calm down, we'll try to get some news and pics up. And here they are...

Peer Helpers presenting their workshop.

The Whole Peer Helping Gang

Mr. Wesley, a.k.a. "Stan"

doing his best Freddie Mercury pose

Mr. R.G. and Stan posing for a quick photo,

seconds before the GlobalSoft usher rushed down

and attempted to confiscate the camera and rough us up.

Those GlobalSoft dudes!! Always trying to keep us down!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Grand River Employment and Training Grade 8 Co-op Display Contest

Congratulations to the following winning students who created co-op display boards outlining their co-op placement in the first and second terms. These are on display in the top floor of the mezzanine at the G.R.E.A.T. building.
Prizes included Lynden Park Mall Gift Certificates to the following:
First $100 Lydia North
Second $75 Chelsea Gibson
Third $50 Sarah General
I look forward to working with students next year who are interested in volunteering in one of our community facilities throughout the year.
Ms. S.E. Hickey

Monday, June 04, 2007