Friday, September 26, 2014

HSS Red & Black Day 2014

Our students enjoyed another Red & Black Day at Hagersville High School.  The cheers were loud and the face paint proud.  Here's some photos and videos from the day:

Wearing the Red and Black.

Dr. Science instructing his students.

His lessons are hair raising...wacka wacka.

Like MC Hammer said, You Can't Touch This!!

If Michael Jordan had hair.

Writing words of wisdom.

Drama statue game.

En guarde!!

Moulding the statue like putty in his hands.

Twin statues.

Mr. Johnson in familiar territory.

Wise words from a wise soul.

Barber shop class.

Last year's grade 8 students teach the new crop in Cayuga class.

Who knew a library would hold such interesting findings?

Aamisk asks, "What's this?" upon finding a box 
that any child of the 80s would recognize in an instant.

Awesome photobomb on the new Mexican student.

Turner teaches them Native Studies.

Juan is happy to find some reading from his roots.

Hablo Espanol?  Como estas?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Terry Fox Hard Road

Here's something I put together using footage from the Terry Fox Foundation and music by the Sam Roberts Band.  I think it marries an amazing Canadian hero with an awesome Canadian rock song.  Terry Fox was such a hero and inspiration and Josh Trager from the Sam Roberts Band is a huge Terry Fox enthusiast, so I think this goes well together.  Enjoy, and maybe you will remember Terry Fox's heroism whenever you hear this song.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Red & Black Day

Permission forms went home on Friday to grade 8 students for this Friday's annual Red & Black day at Hagersville Secondary School.  Please remember to return them this week.