Friday, December 19, 2008

Buses Cancelled, Classes Cancelled

Due to the inclement weather, the buses have been cancelled.  When buses are cancelled, the school's classes are cancelled as well.  Students should not be driven to school and walkers should remain home.

Enjoy your Christmas Vacation and Longhouse Break!!

See you on January 12th!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teachers vs Students Hockey Game 2008

Here is the starting lineup for the students:

Player/Coach???? Brayden "1967" Watts

1) Stevie "Snowplough" Harris

2) Brittany "Buttercup" Aaron

3) Bradyn "Benchwarmer" Isaacs

4) Jenyka "Wobblylegs" Webster

5) Daniel "I Need Someone To Tie My Skates" Henhawk

6) Abby "Can't Raise The Puck" Hill

7) Kristen "Killer" Monture

8) Austin "Swiss Cheese" Hill

9) Kuris "Bruises Easily" Martin

10) Taylor "Can't Skate" Jacobs

11) Larry "The Snowflake" Hill

12) Kessler "Donothingontheice" Doolittle

13) Shane "The Captain" Capton

14) Keaton "Mommas Boy" Williams`

15) Howie "The Snowman" Smith

16) Josh "Please Don't Take A Slapshot At Me" Miller

17) Eric " I Didn't Do It" Thomas

18) Tyler "Tiny" Montour

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time is Ticking

OHSWEKEN:  There still remains a coaching vacancy for the position of Head Coach of the JC Hill Student Squad. There was some speculation that the search would be quick, but as time has worn on, it became a running joke that the Toronto Maple Leafs would find their GM before the students replaced their coach. 
Well, here it is, late December, and the coaching position remains unfilled, while Brian Burke has been hired to turn the Leafs around.  
Since the firing of Coach Restoule General in the spring of this year, it is uncertain how many people have been interviewed or approached about the head coaching duties.  The immediate selection of ex-Physical Education teacher, Miss General, was thought to be a given, but her retirement has left a void of possible candidates for the role.

As of press time, the possible candidates included, but were not limited to, Coach Ireland (who has had some recent basketball success), Coach Jamieson (who runs a no-nonsense show), Coach Dunnigan (who may choose to lace up for the teachers instead, barring his injury status) and the Coaching tandem of Johnson, VanEvery, Hill & Hill (who have been known to "holla at their boys" on numerous occasions).  It was not ruled out that the students might promote from within, and choose one of their own, namely, Coach Watts (who knows his share of losing teams and hopeless efforts).

It should be an interesting week, but that coaching seat needs to be filled for Friday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Assumption Concert

Music for the Mind

We had a neat performance from the Assumption College Vocal and Instrument Bands today. They played some tunes and sang some songs and talked about some of the instruments and vocal parts. It was a nice treat, especially since they came to our school. Hopefully, it encourages a few more students to try their hand at music in high school.

i wish i'd known that you didn't have to already know how to play an instrument to take music back when i was in high school. i thought they were all 10 year pros that took music. It wasn't until university that i took up the trombone and loved every minute of it. It's a great experience for anyone to learn how to play or sing, as it stimulates different parts of the brain and actually improves your ability to learn almost anything. If you don't believe me, check out the science.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Final Arts Assignments

A reminder to grade 8 students that your lip syncs are similar to high school exams. You MUST attend school that day and complete the lip sync or you will get a zero on the assignment. Only for EXTREME circumstances will a student be allowed to do the lip sync on a later date, and this MUST be discussed with the teacher in advance. Lip sync dates are on the sidebar.

A second reminder about the other two assignments due in The Arts. Your evaluation of a live performance AND your labelled diagram of a proscenium stage need to be in your duotang and put in the boxes in The Arts' classroom before Dec. 19th, or you will not receive a mark. Make sure you are assuming your responsibilities as a student.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Co-operative Education Term 2

I will be doing presentations to the grade 8 classes next week . Applications for term 2 will be available for interested students.

Co-operative Education Term 1

Just a reminder to all co-op students that you will complete your placement on Friday December 12. Some students may be asked by their supervisor to help out during the last week of school and will need to speak to their homeroom teacher for permission.
Projects are due in 2 weeks, so be sure to have all of your information , pictures, pamphlets etc that you will need. You have 2 project choices but will only complete 1 of the projects. If some students wish to complete a display board, I will be available to help on Tues and Wed of the next 2 weeks, during your activity time. Your final report will reflect your weekly journal entries, attendance and project.
Thanks to the 33 students who participated in supporting our community through volunteerism. I look forward to a great term 2 with our students.