Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mr. Restoule General FIRED!

OHSWEKEN - It was reported this morning that Mr. Restoule General was fired, following his performance review on Wednesday. After meeting with Principal Dunnigan and Vice Principal Jamieson for close to an hour, it was confirmed that Mr. Restoule General would no longer be of service to his students. Following the performance review, Mr. Restoule General was seen packing up his classroom and gathering his belongings in anticipation of some time off. He was not seen anywhere near the facility on Thursday.

"After careful consideration, and a review of his past performance, it was decided that it would be in the best interests of the students to relieve Mr. Restoule General of his duties," Principal Dunnigan was reported as saying. "Frankly, when you look at his work with the students, there's a long record of limited student success. Some might say there has been a complete lack of any success for a long time."

Vice Principal Jamieson added, "I concur with Mr. Dunnigan's analysis and decision. I have known Mr. Restoule General since the beginning of his career, and I can confirm without a doubt that the students suffered under his guidance. Hopefully, we can all move on from this decision."

Mr. Restoule General had this to say in a prepared statement: "I enjoyed working with the students all these years, and I wish them all the best. We had some good times and some close calls. I only hope that my replacement has more success than I did. Really, I feel the students deserve much of the blame for their failures throughout the years, but it's always easier to replace the teacher than 20 to 25 students."

Mr. Restoule General is said to be spending some time with his family while he considers his options. A replacement was said to be forthcoming, and may actually already be in place for today. If no replacement can be found, Principal Dunnigan said he may assume the duties of Mr. Restoule General himself, until such time that a replacement can be found.

Anyone who has followed the teachers vs. students hockey games throughout the years could see Mr. Restoule General's firing as head coach of the students was long overdue. He even tried to fire himself, following the three losses in the 2006-2007 season, but ended up behind the bench in the students' loss this past Christmas. He happily continues to serve in the roll of 7-3 homeroom teacher and Arts rotary teacher, but it appears his hockey coaching days are over.

For results from today's students vs. teachers match up, stay tuned.


Shailin said...

mr rg: fired?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? from what teaching? if so dont expect me Shailin to be at school anymore for mr rg is my fav teacher. if not then i will continue to hasppily be at school thanx for your understanding.

mrsanoyes said...

I am shocked to hear of the firing! What more is to be expected from our teachers? Mr. R.G. has worked very hard at learning how to coach and was just taking lessons on ice skating! We were hoping for a better performance as coach but sometimes its the players who need to be fired!! Hoping the P and VP change their minds quickly so we can get back to our usual way of schooling!!!! Mr. R. G. is my favourite teacher too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Noyes

Mr. RG said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence, and noticing my strides to improve my ice skating.

i'm pleased to announce that the P and VP have offered me a job elsewhere in the organization, and that i should be at the facility come next game.

i heard the students did much better against the teachers after my firing, but that always happens after the coach gets canned.

vader said...

are you kidding me thats all i have to say
from vader

Shailin said...

no i was jus kiddin about the teaching thing but i am shocked about the hockey coach!!!!! man he worked very hard n ya go n fire him!! man thts like me firing myself from school

Wyatt said...


jessica said...

the titlted made me wanna read more i didnt have time to finish but one question why were you fried?