Wednesday, April 09, 2008

They'rrrrrrre Grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Grand River Employment and Training

Apprenticeship is Hip: Career Fair April 3,2008

The Community Hall was the site for this year's Career Fair. Prior to the Fair, students had the opportunity to write an essay or complete a Co-op display board for prizes. Essay winners were Tarissa 7-3 and Randy 7-3.

The 7-3 class won the class pizza party for the most student participation at the Fair.

Other prize winners included Eric Thomas of 7-1 who won a $100 gift certificate and Spencer Hill 8-1 who won a $25 gift certificate.

The following were gift bag recipients

Daniel Henhawk 7-1

Danton Miller 7-1

Lakota Martin 7-1

Shanelle 7-3

Dwight 7-3

Kenisha Jacobs 8-1

Lexie Smith 8-1

Loretta Hill 8-2

Yegwenyas Martin 8-3

Adam Bomberry 8-3

Eddie Johnson 8-3

Kylie Miller 8-3


george said...

the dags are cool.

Anonymous said...

Whoa are these awesome pics. or what