Monday, September 28, 2015

The Streak Continues

The JC Hill Girls 3 Pitch team won Brant County again today 
with a series of blowouts and one close call.

The pool play seemed like a warm up, as the girls won their first three games easily.

It seemed like batting practice, as they beat Brier Park 14-0.

Then they beat Glen Morris 15-0.

By the third game, we discovered that the mercy rule per inning
was actually 6 runs instead of 5, which led to our third victory being 18-0
over Onondaga-Brant.

Winning the pool put the team into the semi-finals against Banbury,
the team that won it last year when our girls weren't invited.

It was 6-6 in the top of the sixth and final inning.
Banbury had the bases loaded and none out!
Their best batter was up.
The pitch came and the batter made contact.
The back catcher, Bailey, made the catch on a foul ball.
The next two plays were force outs at the plate to end the inning.

J.C. Hill had last at bat on account of their pool record.
Jacy got on base with a single.
Then Bailey cranked one out to the field, 
bringing in the winning RBI.

With the victory, JC Hill went to the finals against Burford.

Having the scare in the semis was enough to bring the team
back to their dominant nature, easily winning the final 30-9.

Way to go, girls.  Nya:weh to coaches Mr. Hickey and Mr. Monture.
Wish I could have been there to see it all.

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