Friday, May 23, 2008

Rockin' Robotics

Steven's team jumps out to an early lead.
Eddie makes sure before he screws.
Jeffrey keeps up his team's great pace.
Shelby gets some assistance from RoboMama.
Daulton does not like the infiltration of the paparazzi.
Mike makes robot.
Dex does what he does best.
Shanda makes robotics look good and easy.
The teamwork on this team gives Steven's team a true challenge.
Heather is all smiles as her team takes the lead.
Kylie clamps down.
Danielle is totally in the game!
Hilary is trying to make the video game work.
Chelsey takes charge.
Glenn supervises Andrew's work.
Katie is so impressed.
Robo Roach 2000 is ready for work.
Mike battles against the other team.
Robo Roach, you missed the mark!
That's better!
This competition is intense!
Battlin' bots attack! Break it up!
First one over the ramp wins!
Spectators look on.
Victory celebration.
Championship driver.
Robot cricket wicket.
Last minute repairs in the pit.
It's all good.
Emergency repair job.
I can't believe the boys are beating us!
Bad robot! No battery!
Eddie is astounded!
Dallas watches the self guided robot.
Mike tries to add hydraulics to pimp his robot ride.
Ranndi is in awe of Megan's ability to snatch a robot from his journey.
Heather has trained her robot well.

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